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10.000 Maniacs - xx/xx/1986 & 05/29/1989, Lost Songs Studio recordings, + Richard Skinner Session, BBC Radio, SBD, A-, 49 min.

1. Thompson's March
2. Angels of Stone
3. Grosvenor Road
4. G Suspended
5. Folie a Deux
6. Coldest Beer in Town
7. Barricuda Dreaming
8. D Ballad
9. Azalea Festival
10. The Sundial
11. Call Up
12. untitled piano piece (possibly from a different session)

Richard Skinner Session, BBC Radio, May 29, 1989
13. What's the Matter Here? (acoustic)
14. Eat For Two (acoustic)
15. Dust Bowl (acoustic)

This is a set of 1986 demos that bridge the gap between 10,000 Maniacs' "The Wishing
Chair" and "In My Tribe" albums. John Lombardo was still with the band at this point,
but he left soon after. Evidently these demos were provided to Elektra Records, who
said 'thanks but no thanks'. The band returned to the studio and produced "In My Tribe",
and the rest is history.

Many of these songs were performed live during the Maniacs' Spring 1986 tour: "Thompson's
March", "Angels of Stone", "G Suspended", "Folie a Deux", "Coldest Beer in Town", and
even "D Ballad" cropped up at one point or another. However, by Fall 1986 all had been
dropped from the set in favor of early versions of "Tribe" songs.

Eventually several of these songs saw the light of day elsewhere. "Angels of Stone" and
"Azalea Festival" each were re-recorded by John & Mary, while "G Suspended" evolved
into "Poison in the Well" and "Folie a Deux" became "The Lion's Share" (both on the
Maniacs' "Blind Man's Zoo" album).