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Amos, Tori - 10/25/1992, Buckley Recital Hall, Amherst College, MA, AUD, A/A-, 87 min.


1. Sugar
2. Crucify
3. Silent All These Years
4. Precious Things
5. Happy Phantom
6. Leather
7. Upside Down
8. Whole Lotta Love ->
9. Thank You
10. Me And A Gun
11. Winter
12. E: Take To The Skies
13. Smells Like Teen Spirit
14. Mother

1. China
2. Song For Eric

This is a fine early Tori show held in a small, sold-out recital hall.
Setting the recording levels was a challenge during the first song, “Sugar”.
The volume was first set too low, and was adjusted at the 30-second mark.
Then around 3:00, Tori shot the meters into the red. What range on that girl!
After that, a good medium recording level was set for the rest of the show.

Overall, there was a polite and very enthusiastic crowd for this show.
No talkers near the mike, but loud applause from the entire audience after each song.
I lowered the amplitude of the audience’s applause after each song,
which results in (I think) a great recording.

Hope you enjoy it.

Sony D-5 Professional Walkman recorder
2 Beyer M-700 microphones
Maxell metal cassettes

Master Cassette ->
Sony K707ES cassette deck ->
M-Audio Firewire Audiophile 2496 ->
CD Wave 24-bit/96-KHz wav files ->
Goldwave (normalizing and crossfades) ->
CD Wave (track breaks) ->
dBpowerAMP Audio Converter (24-bit/96-KHz wav files converted to
16-bit/44.1 KHz wav files) ->
FLAC Front End (FLAC 8 with sector boundary alignment)

No EQ'ing.

A 24-bit/96-KHz flac24 version of this recording is also available.