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Amos, Tori - 03/03/1993, Chicago, WKQX, SBD (FM), A, 21 min.

Track listing:

01 Crucify 5:11
02 Leather 3:21
03 Silent All These Years 5:30
04 Winter 5:58

I do not know the sources of the producer of this disc, ie. how it was taped, etc.
The sound quality is good, however, and includes a couple of short little banters at the
ends of the tracks as lead-ins to the following songs.

Source: Silver Bootleg
"I Like Led Zeppelin and I Love The Stones"
Disc 1, Tracks 1-4
Sugarcane Records
SC 52017, S.I.A.E.
Italy, 1994

encoding: Silver->EAC->verified with SHNTool->FLAC FrontEnd Compression Level 5 > CDR