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Jackson Browne - Solo acoustic in Barcelona, Spain, 11/22/1996, SDBD, A+, 69 min.


1. I'm Alive
2. The Pretender
3. Take It Easy
4. Love Needs A Heart
5. Too Many Angels
6. The Barricades Of Heaven
7. Looking Into You
8. Rosie
9. Alive In The World
10. Stay (w/ Silvia Comas - Vocals, Guitar and Lidia Pajol - Vocals, Tamborine) 

Notes: Superb solo acoustic performance. Jackson on piano or acoustic guitar.
Very intimate. A must for Jackson Browne fans.

bonus - Unknown location & date (only piano or guitar):

11. These Days
12. Cocaine
13. Linda Paloma
14. For A Dancer
15. Something Fine