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Buckingham-Nicks - 1970-1974 "Coffee Plant Demos" / Leftovers 1970 - 1974, SBD, A, 78 min.

These are Buckingham Nicks demos c. 1970-1974.

They are called the "coffee plant demos" because Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks used to record in the basement of Lindsey's father's coffee plant before they went to LA to get a record deal. However, I feel that it is a bit of a misnomer because we know Sorcerer and Garbo were written after the couple arrived in LA. Regardless, these are wonderful quality demos. While some of these were released later by Stevie or Fleetwood Mac, the gem Without You, the aptly named Cathouse Blues, and the quaint Goldfish and the Ladybug never made it off the shelf. Authorship is not documented in those cases, but although Without You may have been co-written, it is safe to say the others were penned by Stevie.

As you can see, the songs have more than one version. The only differences I can discern between
the versions are which instruments are brought forward in the mix, as indicated.

1. Without You (Acoustic Guitar/Vocal)
2. Nomad aka Candlebright (Acoustic Guitar/Vocal)
3. That's Alright aka Designs of Love (Acoustic Guitar/Vocal)
4. Garbo (Acoustic Guitar/Vocal)
5. Sorcerer (Acoustic Guitar/Vocal/No Drum Machine)
6. Cathouse Blues (Acoustic Guitar/Vocal)
7. Goldfish and the Ladybug (Acoutic Guitar/Vocal)
8. Without You (Bass/Vocal)
9. Nomad aka Candlebright (Alternate Acoustic Guitar/Vocal)
10. That's Alright aka Designs of Love (Bass/Vocal)
11. Garbo (Bass/Vocal)
12. Sorcerer (Bass/Drum Machine/Vocal)
13. Cathouse Blues (Bass/Vocal)
14. Goldfish and the Ladybug (Vocal Only)


BUCKINGHAM NICKS - Leftovers 1970 - 1974, Coffee Plant Demos

15 Without You
16 Candlebright
17 That's Alright
18 Garbo
19 Sorcerer
20 Cathouse Blues
21 Goldfish and the Ladybug

Live in Tuscaloosa Alabama

22 Lola (My Love)
23 Races Are Run
24 Rhiannon

These are the STEREO versions recorded on Lindsey's Ampex 4 track. The previous stuff contained individual mono multi-tracks of the 7 songs. They are presented here with the proper mixes. Tracks 22 - 24 are an excellent soundboard recording with full band. Was told they are from the master sources. Judging from the sound I'd have to agree.