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Buckingham, Lindsey - 10/07/2006, Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN, 2 CD, AUD, A/A-, 96 min.

01-Not Too Late
03-Never Going Back Again
04-Second Hand News
05-Castaway Dreams
06-Red Rover
07-It Was You
08-Big Love
09-Sardonic World/Go Insane
10-Under the Skin
11-World Turning
12-I'm So Afraid
13-I Know I'm Not Wrong
15-Go Your Own Way
16-Holiday Road
17-Band Intro
18-Show You How
19-Bleed To Love Her

SonyMZ-RH1 Recorder>Soundpros Battery Box>SoundPro SP-CMC-2A mics
Upload with Sonicstage software. Wav. files split with CD Wav.

Recorded from the Row AA, seat 5 (Front row). Some low sound levels throughout, especially on the first few songs.