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Buckingham, Lindsey - "Gift Of Screws" [Unreleased album]
Late 1990s, SBD, A+, 69 min.

  1. Someone's Gotta Change Your Mind
  2. Miranda
  3. Steal Your Heart Away
  4. Red Rover
  5. She Smiled Sweetly
  6. Come
  7. Down On Rodeo
  8. Gotta Get Away
  9. Try For The Sun
  10. Shuffle Riff
  11. Murrow
  12. Gift Of Screws
  13. Bleed To Love Her
  14. Twist Of Fate
  15. Go Insane
  16. Say Goodbye
  17. The Singer Not The Song

Lindsey Buckingham's unreleased album from 1995-2001, these songs are the mixed tracks but are un-mastered, all tracks tweaked to produce the the same high end sound.