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Bush, Kate - 1972-1976, Cathy's Home Demos, Studio Demos, Version 2, SBD, A/A-, 62 min.

Source: Cathy Demos 7" EPs > Echo Layla > Sonic Foundry > wav >
shntool (padding) > wav > flac

These files have been extensively dehissed, declicked and cleaned
up by Brent Aliverti and Gary from the 9thWave yahoogroup <url: >. They sound significantly
better than the Cathy Demos 7"s bootlegs which are generally considered
to be the best of many sources for these recordings. The wave files
originally distributed had sector boundry issues so they were post-padded
with shntool before encoding to flac.

For more information about these demos and how they reached the public,
please refer to GaffaWeb <url: >.


01. The Kick Inside
02. HammerHorror
03. It Hurts Me
04. Stranded At The Moonbase
05. Kashka From Baghdad
06. Surrender Into The Roses
07. Oh To Be In Love
08. Rinfy The Gypsy (Playing Canasta)
09. On Fire Inside A Snowball
10. Dali
11. Where Are The Lionhearts
12. Violin
13. The Craft Of Life
14. The Gay Farewell
15. Something Like A Song
16. Frightened Eyes
17. Disbelieving Angel
18. Nevertheless You'll Do
19. Come Closer To Me Babe
20. So Soft
21. Pick The Rare Flower
22. While Davy Dozed
23. Organic Acid finished