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Carrack, Paul - 04/13/2007, Ebertbad, Oberhausen, WDR2-FM, Germany, SBD, A+/A, 49 min.


o1 Together
02 Whenever I stop
03 Silent running
04 My kind
05 It ain`t over
06 Love will keep us alive
07 Satisfy my soul
08 The living years
09 Groovin'
10 How long

The concert was recorded by WDR 2 and broadcasted 2007-05-06.
I had to remove the radio announcer in the middle (traffic news) and at the end.

Paul (g, key) performed old and new songs as a trio (+ b & dr). It sounds a little bit "jazzy". The "Ebertbad" is a small club.
Paul was performing in front of 400 people. So it was very "intimate".

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Source and lineage:
FM - Sony Mini Disc MDS-JE500 - Audio CD with Pioneer PDR-05 - Flac conversion with foobar2000