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    Carrack, Paul - 02/25/1988 - Pre-FM Soundboard, King Biscuit Flower Hour, The Ritz, NYC, NY, SBD, A+, 51 min

    01-Fire With Fire
    02-Here I Am
    03-Button Off My Shirt
    05-I Need You
    06-Don't Shed A Tear
    07-Give Me A Chance
    08-I Knew The Bride (Nick Lowe Vocal)
    09-Double It Up
    10-Ain't Too Proud To Beg
    11-Do I Figure (In Your Life)
    12-How Long

    Band Members:
    Paul Carrack - Lead Vocals & Keyboards
    Nick Lowe - Bass & Backing Vocals
    Andy Fairweather-Low - Guitars & Backing Vocals
    Andy Newmark - Drums
    (not sure)? - Keyboards and Backing Vocals