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    Carrack, Paul - 12/13/1997, 'Villa Berg', Stuttgart, Germany, SBD (FM), A, 46 min

    FM show: CDR - WAV - Flac (8) > CDR

    Paul Carrack
    Great singer/songwriter.
    Performing some classic and rare hits live for German Radio.
    This guy's voice...... just unbelievable.

    Enjoy my Paul Carrack shows as much as you want but support these kind
    of singers who deserve it by attending one or more of his shows.
    You'll be surprised how many of his songs you remember ...

    01. If You'ld Ever Needed Someone
    02. Another Cup Of Coffee
    03. Eyes Of Blue
    04. Time To Let Go
    05. Nothing More Than A Memory
    06. The Way I'm Feeling Tonight
    07. Over My Shoulder
    08. The Living Years
    09. How Long
    10. Love Will Keep Us Alive (Paul acoustic with just his guitar)