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        Chapman, Tracy - 06/13/2006, 1st show on European "Where You Live" Tour, Colston Hall, Bristol, UK, 2 CD, AUD, A/A-, 123 min.

SETLIST: (mainly from checking lyrics - interesting lyrics at that)

Tracy Chapman (vocals, guitars, mouthorgan & drums);
Joe Gore (electric guitar, ukelele, piano);
Kiki Ebson (keyboards)
Quinn (?) (drums) (Joey Waronker?)

> applause
101 T01 Say Hallelujah [04:22]
102 T02 Mountain O'things [05:12]
> talk > wearing braces as a child
103 T03 Subcity [06:57]
104 T04 Never Yours [03:50]
105 > talk > 1st date on European Tour .. warm weather .. heat spell ..
.. staying in Bath .. spa doesn't seem to be working [01:47]
106 T05 Smoke And Ashes [07:02]
107 T06 At This Point In My Life [05:13]
108 T07 Love's Proof (acoustic - alone) [03:58]
109 T08 Behind The Wall (vocal only) [02:23]
110 T09 Talk To You [04:26]
111 T10 Telling Stories [05:45]
> getting ready
112 T11 Another Sun [07:06]
113 T12 Fast Car [05:32]
114 T13 > band intros [00:49]

DISC.2 [53:50]
201 T01 Talkin' Bout A Revolution [03:09]
202 T02 Change [05:04]
203 T03 Give Me One Reason [04:51]
> talk > swap one noisy guitar for another
204 T04 America (inc Tracy playing two drums)[05:16]
205 applause - for encore (nearly 5mins) [04:49]
206 T05 (Encore) Baby Can I Hold You [03:45]
207 T06 (Encore) I Can't Stand The Rain (Ann Peebles)[04:27]

BEN TAYLOR (opening) (son of James Taylor & Carly Simon)[26:54]
> applause > intro
208 T07 Rain [04:33]
209 T08 She Caught The Katy (Blues Brothers) [02:33]
210 > talk [01:17]
211 T09 Your Boyfriend's A Really Nice Guy [03:29]
212 > talk [00:23]
213 T10 Nothing I Can Do [03:48]
214 T11 Digest [04:58]
215 T12 You Belong To Me ? [02:17]
216 T13 You Must've Fallen [03:52]

QUALITY: Audience recording from front row of balcony (slightly left of centre) - loud clapping & a few coughs & glitches - but otherwise nice sound for a loud show. There are a few mp3 samples in the download for those DaD'ers who want to separately check them out. This is I think termed a master. Comments on quality welcome (especially any tricks from more experienced tapers)... my reckoning suggests it might be at least a B+ (for those who prefer soundboards) - or A- for those who prefer or can cope with the nuances of a live audience.

LINEAGE: Recorded using MM-MCSM-4 mini cardiod stereo mics w Elite Battery/ Filter Model MM-EBM-1 > Edirol R-09 (new toy!) > SD card > wav (16bit/ 44.1kHz) > Soundforge (cutting out a few "silent" gaps when switching guitars) > CD Wave Editor (v1.93.3 - Track Breaks) > flac (level 5)
The R-09 was left with AGC=on; Low Cut=off; and Mic Gain=low - when seems to give best results. On balance I thought it better to leave in as pristine condition as possible rather than try to smooth applause.
I've left all the talking in - but with longer bits as a separate flac file so you can chose whether to burn or not. The covers only show the tracks numbered. Just learning what works best - so any feedback welcome (after a few $^&-ups i've learnt to check & re-check connections, batteries, etc - and then check again).
The support show (Ben Taylor) is also included to fill 2nd cd - but you can unclick with u-torrent if you don't want this part.