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The Corrs, 02/08/2000, MTV Unplugged, SBD, A+, 48 min.


Andrea Corr : Tin Whistle, Vocals

Caroline Corr : Bodhran, Drums, Piano, Vocals

Jim Corr : Guitar, Piano, Vocals

Sharon Corr : Violin, Vocals


Ronan Dooney : Piccolo Trumpet

Anthony Drennan : Dobro, Guitar

Keith Duffy : Bass, Percussion

Pete Thomas : Percussion



1. Only When I Sleep (Corrs/Leiber, Olive)

2. What Can I Do (Corrs)

3. Radio (Corrs)

4. Toss the Feathers (Traditional)

5. Everybody Hurts (Berry/Buck/Mills/St)

6. Forgiven Not Forgotten (Corrs)

7. At Your Side (Corrs)

8. Little Wing (Hendrix, Jimi)

9. Old Town (Lynott, Philip/Bain)

10. So Young (Corrs)