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       Crow, Sheryl - 07/01/2008, Stadtpark, Hamburg, Germany, 2 CD, SBD, A+, 93 min.

God Bless This Mess
Love Is Free
CanÕt Cry Anymore
Run Baby Run
My Favorite Mistake
Now That YouÕre Gone
The First Cut Is The Deepest
There Goes The Neighbourhood
Strong Enough
Out Of Our Heads
If It Makes You Happy
Soak Up The Sun
Everyday Is A Winding Road
All I Wanna Do
Rock And Roll

Sheryl Crow - Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Michael Rowe - Keyboards
Peter Stroud - Guitar
Tim Smith - Bass, Guitar
Jim Bogios - Drums
Wally Ingram - Percussion

FM (analog cable) - SpinDoctor - xACT

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2008-10-01 (01-11)
2008-10-08 (12-19)