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Eurythmics - Remixes and B-sides, 13 tracks, SBD from Vinyl, A+/A, 73 min.

  1. Who's The Girl (Extended Mix)
  2. Sexcrime (1984) (Extended Version)
  3. I Did It Just The Same
  4. Would I Lie To You? (ET Mix)
  5. Grown Up Girls
  6. When Tomorrow Comes (Extended Mix)
  7. Thorn In My Side (Extended Mix)
  8. Beethoven (Dance Mix)
  9. I Need A Man (Macho Mix)
  10. Shame (Dance Mix)
  11. You Have Placed a Chill In My Heart (Chill Mix)
  12. Love Is A Stranger (Coldcut Mix)
  13. Don't Ask Me Why (Acoustic)