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Fleedwood Mac - Tusk Demos/Outtakes, SDBD, A/A-, 69 min.

  1. Sara (This is a mix with an extra layer of Stevie was supposed to be used on the radio)
  2. Do You Want to Dance (Studio jam)
  3. Dreams (Live from rehearsal)
  4. Over and Over (Live from rehearsal)
  5. What Makes You Think You're The One (alt version)
  6. Angel (Alt version)
  7. That's All For Everyone (Instrumental)
  8. Sisters of the Moon (Alt Version)
  9. Think About Me (Alt version)
  10. Beautiful Child (Alt version)
  11. Never Forget (Alt version)
  12. Save Me A Place (Alt Version)
  13. Honey Hi (Alt Version)
  14. Go Your Own Way (Live, Atlanta 1980)
  15. Sisters of the Moon (Live, Atlanta 1980, great version "Where have the white birds flown?")
  16. Songbird (Live, Atlanta 1980)