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Heap, Imogen  19941999, Missing You, 2 CD, SBD, A+, 144 min.

 [CD 1]
 Missing You
 The Rhythm Of Life (Vector Project)
 If Only I Were A Butterfly
 Getting Scared (Naked Funk Mix)
 Not You Again
 Feeling Strange
 Leave Me To Love
 Whatever (Demo)
 Blanket (Rave Deal Remix)  [Urban Species Guest Vocals]

 [CD 2 - live, some tracks AUD]
 Pocket Sun
 St Anthony
 I Am In Love With You
 April's Fool (w/Rufus Wainwright)
 Leave Me To Love
 Oh Me, Oh My
 Getting Scared
 Rake It In
 Angry Angel
 Come Here Boy