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Mellencamp, John - 08/27/1994, Wild At Night, The World Music Theater, Chicago, IL, SBD, A+/A,  79 min.


1. When Jesus Left Birmingham
2. I Need a Lover
3. Dance Naked
4. Jack & Diane
5. Lonely Ol' Night
6. Wild Night
7. Paper In Fire
8. Small Town
9. What If I Came Knockin
10. Crumblin Down
11. Authority Song
12. Pink Houses
13. Check It Out
Filler from Late Night With David Letterman 6/25/94
14. Wild Night

I wouldn't call this excellent sound quality, but it is very good. A lot of interaction with the crowd. He seems to really enjoy them and they seem to really enjoy him. This is just a fun show.

Originally released by KTS
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