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Nicks, Stevie - Wild Hearted, SDBD, A-, 73 min.

  1. Wild Heart (full end lyric)
  2. Nightbird (full end lyric)
  3. Blue Water (a few bars Stevie and Sharon sing a capala)
  4. Edge of Seventeen (a capala)
  5. The Dealer
  6. Greta (Wild Heart version)
  7. Dial A Number
  8. All The Beautiful Worlds
  9. Are You Mine
  10. Wild Heart (demo with Stevie and Lori during the Bella Donna Rolling Stone photo shoot)
  11. Baby Doll
  12. Belle Fluer
  13. If You Were My Love (Wild Heart Version)
  14. Dial A Number #2
  15. All The Beautiful Worlds #2
  16. Nothing Ever Changes (outtake version, very cool)
  17. One More Tomorrow (outtake)