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Nova, Heather - 03/22/2006,  Cabot Hall, Canary Wharf, London, 2 CD, AUD, A, 110 min.

Heather nova : vocals, guitars
Fiona Pears : violin
Ian Tilley

CD1 :
First Set :
01. Memories Of Martin And Mary (without Heather)
02. Magic Sands (without Heather)
03. Gloomy Sunday
04. You Left Me A Song
05. I Miss My Sky
06. This Body
07. Heal
08. Papercup
09. Mothertongue
10. Motherland
11. Done Drifting
12. Winterblue
13. All I Need

CD 2 :
Second Set :
01. Turkish Fantasy (without Heather)
02. Dark Eyes (trad. russian folk song) (without Heather)
03. Poem: the bad blood and the rose (Heather solo)
04. Avalanche (Heather solo)
05. These Walls (Heather solo)
06. Storm (Heather solo)
07. Water From Wine
08. Fool For You
09. I'm Alive
10. Walk This World
11. Walking Higher
12. What A Feeling
13. The Sun Will Always Rise
14. Like A Hurricane

Part of the Bouncin’ Bear Recordings of Heather’s short spring 2006 tour.
London was the only show in the UK (Only 10 dates in Europe).
This represents a beautiful show of the Intimate Evening shows.
This show is, in my opinion, one of the best things Heather has ever done!

Recorded with MD MZ-R50 + sound core mics, MD -> HD (USB) -> Feurio –> WAVE -> FLAC