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OneTwo - 11/27/2007,  Nottingham Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham , UK, AUD, A, 44 min.

Human League Support
Lineage: Sony mic 'borrowed' from recording studio (model unknown) > Edirol R-09 > Audition (cuts, normalising, adjusting balance - no other tweaks done) > CD

OneTwo are fundamentally Paul Humphries of Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark and his wife, Claudia Bruecken formerly of Propaganda.
For this slot they were joined by another keyboardist, Philip Larson of Manhattan Clique.

recording four rows from the back in the middle tier, it was never going to be a quality recording. The Royal Concert Hall is a good venue with good acoustics and the performance was good. The recording has ended up being 'not bad' although at times it can be a bit trebly and, because we're at the back, some excessive reverb at times.

01 Intro
02 Home
03 ??
04 Sequential
05 Messages (originally OMD)
06 Kein Anschluss
07 Club Country (originally Associates)
08 Cloud Nine
09 Home Tonight
10 Duel (Originally Propaganda)