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Propaganda - 10/26/1985, Rocknight, Ahoy, Rotterdam, Holland, DVD, SBD (TV), A-, 43 min.

DVD Format: 720x576 (4x3) PAL with MPEG Audio
Running Time: 43m 04s, Size: 1,554 MB
Source: Television Broadcast
Lineage: VHS->DVDR->TMPGEnc DVD Author

Video: 547Kbps avg (691Kbps peak) 4x3 PAL MPEG-2
Audio: AC3(2Ch) 48kHz MPEG-1, Layer II

01. intro music
02. Dream Within A Dream
03. Dr. Mabuse
04. The Murder of Love
05. The Chase
06. Femme Fatale
07. Sorry For Laughing
08. Duel
09. Jewel
10. Frozen Faces
11. P:Machinery