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Simon, Paul - 08/02/1984, Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, MD, 2 CD, AUD, A, 101 min.

Disc One
02 One Trick Pony
03 Slip Sliding Away
04 Mother & Chil Reunion
05 Jonah
06 Homeward Bound
07 Something So Right
08 Hearts & Bones
09 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover
10 Duncann
11 Allergies
12 American Tune
13 St. Judy's Comet

Disc Two
01 Rene & Georgette Magritte
02 Was A Sunny Day
03 Train In the Distance
04 Me & Julio
05 Bride Over Troubled Water
06 Late In the Evening
07 America
08 Mrs. Robinson
09 Late Great Johnny Ace
10 The Bixer
11 Still Crazy After All These Years
12 Sounds Of Silence

Lineage: Tape (unknown)>Silver CD>EAC>PC>Flac Frontend Level 8

Some Paul Simon fans have requested this in the past and I'm happy to oblige. This is a concert from Paul Simon's one and only solo tour in 1984. Four shows were taped as far as I know (the others being Saratoga, Vancouver, & Illinois). The sound here is good, not great. There is some distance and a bit of echo, however someone has obviously tweaked the recording, giving it more treble and bringing the performance forward. It is especially fortunate to hear for guitarists out there who are interested in learning Paul's work. He's always been, in my mind, an underrated player and this show shows his abilities unadorned by back-up musicians. I've decided to let the sound be and anyone who would like to better it is welcome to the task. Also if anyone has the Saratoga or other solo tour shows, please share. The Saratoga show is reportedly the best sounding of the bunch. ENJOY!