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Simple Minds - 08/30/2005, SWR3, TV Studio 5 'SWR3', Baden-Baden , Germany, DVD+R, SBD digital broadcast, A+, 44 min.

SWR3 show rebroadcasted by 3sat
Proshot, PAL, 4:3, DVB-S recording no reencoded
Authored with DVD Studio Pro

Stay Visible
Donīt You (Forget About Me)
Alive and Kicking
New Gold Dream
Sanctify Yourself

Jim Kerr - Vocals
Charlie Burchill - Guitars
Eddy Duffy - Bass
Mel Gaynor - Drums

Duration: 0:43:32
Data Size: 1.61 GB
Bit Rate: 5.29 Mbps

Video Tracks: MPEG-2, 720 Ũ 576, 4:3, 25 fps, 8.00 Mbps, upper field first
Audio Tracks: AC3 2/0, 48 kHz, 384 kbps