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Simple Minds - 03/02/1995, House of Blues, Hollywood, USA, SBD, A+, 62 Min.

01 She's a river
02 And the band played on
03 Waterfront
04 Great leap forward
05 Stand by love
06 Don't you ( Forget about me)
07 Hypnotised
08 See the lights
09 Sanctify yourself
10 See the lights
11 White light/White heat

Recorded at an industry shindig at the tail end of their US tour, this CD captures the early arrangements and set list of the Good News tour.
Vital for the acoustic versions of See The Lights and White Light/White Heat.

It's a good, clear mix, thanks to this recording being plucked from the airwaves of a US radio FM broadcast.
Unfortunately the bootleggers screwed up the intro to Hypnotised, inserting another index and allowing the CD to skip.

Despite that, this one should be in every collection.