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Simple Minds - 03/23/1980, Amsterdam Melkweg, Netherlands, perfect recording with many rarities, SBD, A+, 78 min.

Outstanding soundboard recording of Simple Minds at their early best:

Jim Kerr - vocals
Brian McGee - drums
Derek Forbes - bass
Michael MacNeil - keyboards
Charlie Burchill - guitar

Recently unearthed, this recording has been referred to as "The Holy Grail" due to it's quality (it really is a soundboard)
and the rare songs featured.


1. Capital City
2. Here Comes The Fool
3. Calling Your Name
4. Life In A Day
5. Premonition
6. Citizen and Factory
7. Changeling
8. Pleasantly Disturbed
9. White Light/White Heat
10. Pablo Picasso
11. Sister Midnight and Room

Of note:

"Here Comes The Fool" a rare early number.
"White Light/White Heat" the Velvet Underground favourite.
"Pablo Picasso" a number dating back to the old Johnny and
The Self-Abusers days ! Not the Jonathan Richman number.
"Sister Midnight" the Iggy Pop/Carlos Alomar/David Bowie song which
segues into the live favourite "Room". This is believed to be the
only recording of the band performing "Sister Midnight".

Simple Minds have just signed to Sanctuary Records - a new single
and album are on their way, mixed by Bob Clearmountain.