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Simple Minds - 11/11/1985, Saturday Night Live, Mini-DVD-Video (CD), SBD, A+/A, 9 min.

Saturday Night Live, November 11, 1985
Source: NBC rebroadcast via analog cable
> Canopus ADVC-100
> firewire > DV file (NTSC, 720x480)
> iMovie HD > iDVD5 > CDR

video encoding: MPEG-2, 8 Mbps, CBR
audio encoding: linear PCM 2.0, 48 KHz, 1.5 Mbps

Single item menu.
Two Chapters:
Alive & Kicking 5:24
Sanctify Yourself 3:21

There is a very short glitch in the broadcast signal at about the
4:26 mark on Alive & Kicking, which lasts for less than 1 second.
I apologize in advance, but it was in the broadcast I received.
Other than that, the picture and audio are great!