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Stewart, Al - 09/xx/2003, Turning Point, Piermont, NY. Two shows put together with many rarities, 2 CD, SBD, A+, 147 min.

01 apple cider reconstitution
02 sand in your shoes
03 in brooklyn
04 timeless skies
05 on the border
06 night train to munich
07 coldest winter in memory
08 in the dark
09 merlin's time
10 year of the cat
11 immelmann turn
12 house of clocks
13 almost lucy
14 sirens of titan
15 post wwII blues
16 running man
17 old admirals
18 carol
19 time passages
20 lindy comes to town
21 dark and rolling sea
22 end of the day
23 arnold layne (cover)
24 clifton in te rain / small fruit song
26 lover man (aborted)
27 cleave to me (decent attempt)

Soundboard -- CDR -- FLAC -- CDR

Al is accompanied by Dave Nachmanoff. This is a very loose two concert show, with lots of talking, jokes, and several miscues. I'm not sure if the two setlists are mixed or exactly in order. Al did say he wanted to do different songs for the second show, and he most certainly did.

Some rarities include 'In The Dark' and 'Coldest Winter In Memory' (both unreleased Al songs), and a fairly reasonable crack at Pink Floyd's 'Arnold Layne'.

This concoert finishes with 'Lover Man' and 'Cleave To Me', both very early Al. Let's say they weren't perfect, but darned fun to listen to! :)