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Sting - 02/xx/1991- "All these time" -Unplugged-rehearsals, 2CD, SBD, A+/A, 142 min.

recorded in February,1991
"MTV Studios", New York City, NY, USA
for MTV program "Unplugged"

The 2CD-set "All Thease Time" features the complete rehearsal and performance for MTV Unplugged. The session was recorded at the National Video Center in New York City in March 1991. Parts of this recording were broadcasted on TV and released on video, but this 2CD-set is the complete and unedited recording.The first disc contains the complete rehearsal of the show including songs he didn't perform during the show: How Insensitive, Fragilidad and Need your love so bad.

The band: Sting (vocals, bass), Dominic Miller (guitar), Vinnie Colaiuta (drums), David Sancious (piano) and Vinx (percussion, vocals).

The sound quality of the recording is excellent.

Sting MTV Unplugged All These time back.jpg (88980 Byte)

Sting MTV Unplugged All These time front.jpg (86844 Byte)