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Temptations - 1973, Shibuya Kokaido Hall (seats about 2300), Tokyo, Japan, SBD, A+, 47 min.

SBD/FM/TV/from Vinyl


01-Plastic man
02-I Can't Get Next To You
03-Love Woke Me Up This Morning

04-Medley: Get Ready
My Girl
The Way You Do The Things You Do

05-First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
06-Hey Girl (I Like Your Style)
07-Cloud Nine
08-Band Member Introduction
09-Song For You
11-Just My Imagination
12-Papa Was A Rolling Stone

1973 version of the group:

Melvin Franklin
Dennis Edwards
Otis Williams
Damon Harris
Richard Street

Notes: Got this with a date of 1975. It was released by a bootleg label called Live Classics in 2002 supposedly recorded by Kaname Tajima & Hideo Takada. No idea of the source but it sounds like sbd to me.

My sense is this is from early 1973. Besides the oldies, these songs are from their 1972 album, All Directions, and their February 1973 release, Masterpiece. There is nothing here from their December 1973 release, Zoom. I think Richard Street mentions that their latest recording is Hey Girl (I Like Your Style), which is on Masterpiece. I'm also pretty sure that this is before August 1973. Richard Street got married in August and that's when they found out their original lead singer, Paul Williams, had killed himself.

Quality for a 30 year old recording is very good other than some of the tracks transitioning a bit abruptly and some very minimal snap, crackle, pop, which may point to a vinyl original source. Didn't do much to it other than lower the volume a notch and retrack it.