Mellencamp, John - 03/31/1992, Valbyhallen, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2 CD, AUD, A/A-, 123 min.

Disc 1:

1. Intro
2. Love & Happiness
3. Paper In Fire
4. Jack & Diane
5. Lonely `Ol Night
6. Check It Out
7. Rain On The Scarecrow
8. Martha Say
9. The Real Life
10. Rumbleseat
11. Get A Leg Up
12. Get A Leg Up (Cont. Tape Flip)
13. Jackie Brown (Acoustic)

Disc 2:

1. Small Town
2. Minutes To Memories
3. Now More Than Ever
4. Pop Singer
5. Crumblin´ Down
6. R.O.C.K In The U.S.A.
7. Play Guitar
8. Hurts So Good
9. Authority Song
10. Authority Song (Cont. Tape Flip)
11. Pink Houses
12. Crowd
13. Band Introduction > Cherry Bomb

Recording Equipment: Sony WM-R55 Taperecorder with separate Sony stereo mic
Recorded from: The floor leftside, Row 18, Seat 13 about 30 meters from the stage
Lineage: Sony WM-R55 Taperecorder with separate Sony stereo mic > Fuji JP-II 90 Tape
> Philips standalone CD burner CDR777 > CDR > EAC > Wave > DB Poweramp > Flac 6


The tapers story:
***** We were 4 guys that travelled by car from Stockholm to Malmö and then by ferry to Copenhagen the day before the show. On the day of the show I went down to Nyhavn to get myself a new tattoo at "Tattoo Svend". So it was with a sore arm I went to this show. When we arrived at the venue we had to change our tickets since they had decided to put chairs all over the place.
But since we were there early we were lucky to get seats fairly close to the stage. Since one of my friends had been to Bloomington, IN several times and become friends with Mike Wanchic we had backstage passes that waited for us. So after the show we got to meet with the band, except for John who kept to himself.

4 days later the tour stopped in Stockholm and again thanks to my friend we managed to get frontrow tickets just a couple of meters from the stage. It was quite a thrill to be that close to the band, and during the song R.O.C.K. In The U.S.A. we knew that they would bring a person from the audience on stage to sing (they did that in Copenhagen too). We all thought that it would be my friend since he knew Mike but to my surprise when the time came John walked over the stage and pointed at me, then suddenly 2 security guys lifted me up on stage and John gave me his microphone and said "Sing, you know the words!!!!!!!!!!"

I didn´t even have time to get nervous and thought what can I do, since the guy they brought up on stage in Copenhagen just stood there with one of his hands in his pocket I thought I´ll have to to something more. Then I started to jump around like Angus Young, doing my best Chuck Berry moves, I remember that I ran up to Kenny at the drums and waved my fist in the air while singing. It wasn´t until I got down from the stage to my seat I realised what I had done.

Then after the show we were lucky to meet the band again, getting autographs and chatting for a while. Then my friend and myself went out to a Rockclub with Kenny, Mike & Toby Myers.......but that´s another story....*****