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10.000 Maniacs/N.Merchant
Adams, Bryan
Amos, Tori
Beatles & solo
Browne, Jackson
Bush, Kate
Carrack, Paul
Collins, Phil
Crow, Sheryl
Eagles / Don Henley
Eurythmics/Annie Lennox
Fleetwood Mac/solo
Gabriel, Peter
Groenemeyer, Herbert
Hall & Oates
Heap, Imogen
Hornsby, Bruce
Joel, Billy
Jones, Norah
Kunze, Heinz-Rudolf
Mellencamp, John
Morrissette, Alanis
Nouvelle Vague
Nova, Heather
Propaganda, C. Bruecken
Simon, Paul/S&G
Simple Minds
Stewart, Al
Sting & Police
Vega, Suzanne
Winwood, Steve
Other Artists
Bad Traders

Bad Traders


Since I started to trade music I had contact with a lot of wonderful people in the States, Germany, Japan, England, Scotland, Norway, Australia, Canada, France, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Spain and Russia.

In more than seven years of trading music I never met a bad guy!

Thanks everybody !


Merry Christmas everybody and a happy new Year 2008 !