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Billy Joel

bulletJoel, Billy - 04/15/1972 "Sigma Sound Studios", Philadelphia, PA, SBD, A
bulletJoel, Billy - xx/xx/1972, "Retold Vol. 2 - The Piano Man From The Harbor" - rare studio outtakes from Piano Man & live in Philadelphia, PA, 1972 (audio slightly sped up) - 17 Tracks, SBD, A, 70 min.
bulletJoel, Billy - 05/06/1977 "The Rats Lie Down On Broadway", C.W. Post Community College, NY, 2 CD, SBD, A+
bulletJoel, Billy - xx/xx/1977-1978, Strangers of 52nd St. - Studio outtakes from The Stranger (1977) & 52nd St. (1978) w/ a few live tracks from The Bottom Line Club, NYC, 6/6/1976 - 20 Tracks, SBD, A, 73 min.
bulletJoel, Billy - 03/15/1978 "Travellin' Prayer", Musikladen, Radio Bremen TV-Studios, Bremen, Germany, SBD, A, 44 min.
bullet Joel, Billy - 03/15/1978 "Travellin' Prayer", Musikladen, Radio Bremen TV-Studios, Bremen, Germany, DVD+R, SBD (TV), A+, 44 min.
bulletJoel, Billy - 11/xx/1979, Live in Houston TX,  2 CD, 15 Tracks, SBD, A, 80 min.
bulletJoel, Billy - xx/xx/1980, Glass Houses Demos, 20 tracks, SBD, A+/A, 70 min.
bulletJoel, Billy - xx/xx/1981, Outtakes From Songs in the Attic - Various Live performances from 1980/81, 22 Tracks, 2 CD, SBD, A/A+, 108 min.
bulletJoel, Billy - 12/29/1982, Uniondale, USA, 2 CD, SBD, A+, 80 min.
bulletJoel, Billy - 12/31/1982 "Line at the Nassau Coliseum", Long Island, NY, 2 CD, 16 Tracks, SBD, A+, 80 min.
bulletJoel, Billy - xx/xx/1983 "An Innocent Man Demos", SBD, A, 70 min.
bulletJoel, Billy - xx/xx/1985 & 1978,  "Retold Vol. 1" The bridge to 52nd St. - Studio outtakes from The Bridge(1985) & 52nd St.(1978) - 17 Tracks, SBD, varies A/A+ to B+/A-,  71 min.
bulletJoel, Billy - xx/xx/1987, Moscow, SBD, A+, 73 min.
bulletJoel, Billy - 07/24/1988 "Bridge Tour Special Gig", Tokyo Dome, Toyko Japan, 2 CD, AUD, A-, 89 min.
including "I saw her standing there", Beatles number, co-performance with Boz Scaggs
bulletJoel, Billy - 05/26/1990 "Welcome To The Show", Wembley Arena, London, England, 2 CD, SBD, A+
bulletJoel, Billy - 06/20/1990 "Live U.S.A", Yankee Stadium, NYC, NY , SBD, A+, 61 min.
bulletJoel, Billy - 01/03/1991 "New Year Live 1991", Tokyo Dome, Japan, SBD, A, 49 min.
bulletJoel, Billy - 06/18/1994 "The Final Night", Festhalle, Frankfurt, Germany, 2 CD, SBD, A+
bulletJoel, Billy - xx/xx/1997, VH-1 Storytellers, NYC - plus bonus tracks, SBD, A, 2 CD, 145 min.
bulletJoel, Billy - 02/18/1998 "Philadelphia Fantasy - Live at the Fleet Center", Philadelphia PA, 2 CD, 21 Tracks, AUD, A/A+, 123 min.
bulletJoel, Billy & John, Elton - 03/31/1998 "Face To Face Live In Japan", Tokyo Dome, Japan, 2 CD, SBD, A/A+, 137 min.
bulletJoel, Billy - 04/30/1999 "Inside The Actor's Studio", New School university, NY, 2 CD, SBD, A+, 99 min.
bulletJoel, Billy - New York State of Mind, co-performance with Tony Bennett, SBD, A+, 5 min.
bulletJoel, Billy - "Songs In The Basement", B-Sides, SBD, A+, 62 min.
bulletJoel, Billy - "Songs In Minor Keys", AUD/parts SBD, A, 43 min.
bullet Joel, Billy - River of Dreams Remix & Live, SBD, A+, 78 min.

Billy Joel - 04/09/2001, Goodness Gracious with Elton John, Pepsi Center, Denver, CO, 3 CD, AUD, A, 216 min.