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Eagles /
Don Henley

bulletEagles - 05/04/1973, "Early Bird", BBC London, SBD, A, 51 min.
bulletEagles - 02/01/1976, Nagoya, Japan, SBD, 2 CD, A, 122 min.
bulletEagles - 08/06/1976, Seattle, SBD, 2 CD, A/A-, 90 min.
bulletEagles - xx/xx/1980,  Los Angeles, CA, Monitor Mix? Virtually nonexistant vocals, but a good soundboard from
a Eagles show is a very rare thing so no complaints here, SBD, A+, 59 min.
bulletEagles - Magical Mystery Mixes/Remixes, 70's Album Versions recorded out of phase. SBD, A+/A, 50 min.
bulletEagles - 04/26/1994, Second night, 2 CD, SBD, A, 138 min.
bulletEagles - xx/xx/1994, "Learn To Be Still", USA, SBD, A+, 78 min.
bulletEagles - 08/24/1994, "West California 190", New York, 3 CDR, SBD, A+, 166 min.
bulletEagles - 02/25/1995, Minneapolis, USA, 2 CD, SBD, A+, 144 min.
bulletEagles - 07/13/1996, "Hello We're The Eagles", Wembley Stadium, London, 2 CD, AUD, A, 147 min.
bulletEagles - 12/31/1999, Millenium Concert Las Vegas NV, SBD, A+, 60 min.
bulletEagles - 06/07/2001, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 3 CD, AUD (DAT), A/A-, 203 min.
bulletEagles - 08/11/2001, Invesco Field @ Mile High Stadium, Denver, CO, 2 CD, AUD, A-, 156 min.
bulletEagles - The Unforgiven, Rarities Compilation, studio & live, SBD/AUD, A+/A, 73 min.


bulletHenley, Don - 09/15/1989, "The Summit", Houston, TX, SBD, A+, 69 min.
bulletHenley, Don - 03/30/1990, "MTV Unplugged", Hollywood Center Studios; LA, CA, SBD, A/A+, 25 min.
bulletHenley, Don - xx/xx/1990, "An Eagle Out Last", Toyko Dome, Japan, SBD, A+/A, 70 min.
bulletHenley, Don - 09/06/1993, "The Voice Of The Eagles", Foxboro Stadium, Foxboro, MA, SBD, A+
bulletHenley, Don - 1985-1997, "Live TV-Appearances", 2 CD, SBD, A+ (One of the best compilations), 82 min.
bulletHenley, Don - 02/19/2000, "VH-1 Storytellers", Hollywood, LA, CA, SBD, A+
bulletHenley, Don - 05/25/2000, "Live Inside Job", Fair Park Music Hall, Dallas, TX, 2 CD, SBD, A+, 105 min.
bulletHenley, Don - 06/22/2000, "Live In Atlanta", Atlanta, GA, 2 CD, Dig. AUD, A, 130 min.
bulletHenley, Don - 08/26/2004, Jerome Duncan Ford Theatre, Sterling Heights, MI, 2 CD, AUD, A, 108 min.