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Contact - Legend - Quality rating - Rules

SBD: Soundboard recording (includes FM and Television broadcasts)
AUD: Audience Recording.
DAO - Disc At Once;  TAO Track At Once 


Audio Quality rating


A+	= excellent  recording. Includes FM broadcasts and exceptional TV broadcasts.
A	= good soundboard recording or exceptional audience recording
    	  (there are some that can be hardly deferentiated from boards)
A-	= good audience or older  recordings
B+	= standard grade for audience recordings and higher generation copies of SBD recordings.
B	= for collectors only, mediocre quality audience recording
B-	= rather crappy, for die hards only


DVD Quality rating


A+  = excellent  recording. Includes exceptional TV broadcasts, recorded in DVD quality.
A+/A  = excellent  recording. Includes exceptional TV broadcasts, perfect transfers from video tapes
A    = good TV recording, transfers from video tapes
A-   = older  recordings, copies of copies
B+  = higher generation copies
B    = for collectors only, mediocre quality
B-   = rather crappy, for die hards only


Please burn the CDRs only DAO (disc at once).
I only use Verbatim, Memorex, Sony, Kodak, BASFand TDK CDRs or Ricoh, Memorex, BASF or Intenso DVD+Rs.
If you use Fuji, HP, IBM, Taiyo Yuden CDRs - no problem. Please do not use cheap CDs.
I will send the CDRs without the juwel cases - please do the same. I don't collect mp3 files or video CD's.

I live in Europe, so it will reduce the shipping costs when we send the CDRs with sea mail (Surface Mail).
I prefer to trade with sea mail - that's only important for trades outside Europe.

I had to pay 16 Euro to send a package with 25 CDs with airmail.
From the USA to Germany it costs only the half :-(. It takes usually only 2 week longer.
In the last months it takes to the States 2-7 weeks, sometimes 7 week (airmail takes ca. 2-3 weeks),
to Japan 1-2 weeks.

I ask for understanding that I can't sell any concerts for legal and also temporal reasons. Please don't ask me,
it's absolute useless. Because of my limitation of time I also never trade for blanks & postage. Please check my
wish list if you have no concerts to swap, maybe you get an idea for a trade.